Zanzibar is magical: the spice-scented, quintessential Indian Ocean idyll. Tropical, turquoise waters lap miles of palm-fringed, sandy beaches. For hundreds of years, traders and travellers have eulogised about Zanzibar’s intoxicating aroma of spices, its beautiful beaches and the bustle of its Moorish capital, Stone Town. It’s name alone – as evocative as Timbuktu, Casablanca or Kilimanjaro – is alluring enough for many to dream of visiting.

Just a short hop across the water from mainland Tanzania – of which Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous part – is this lush array of islands. It’s impossible not to be enchanted as you approach from the air: clear, sparkling waters, darkened only by patch reefs, and punctuated by the billowing triangular, white sails of passing dhows. On land, chic beach retreats, intimate converted palaces, private island villas and fun family-friendly resorts offer warm welcomes and totally tropical experiences. Be it trailblazing models of responsible tourism or world-class sophistication, the options are myriad.

Activities in Zanzibar

Dhow Cruise to Mnemba Island reef for Snorkeling

This is one of our must-do activities that you will not want to miss while you are in Zanzibar. The tiny but exceptional Mnemba reef offers indeed some of the best and most spectacular spots in the whole Archipelago, if not in East Africa. On this trip, we might (85% chance) see dolphins while cruising from Nungwi to Mnemba, we will stop for a while and you can enjoy seeing dolphins swimming, also you can take photos.

Also, there is a Sandbank beside Mnemba Island, we might go there after snorkeling when it is low tides. Mnemba is well known for the excellent clarity of its waters ( for this area of the Indian Ocean) and the unusually prolific and diverse corals and tropical marine life where you can able to see a lot of colorful fishes while Snorkeling. Some of the species that you can see at Mnemba reef include; Angel Fish, Blue Spotted Rays, Black Snappers, Groupers, Red Tooth Triggers, Flounder, Octopuses, Leaf Fish, Scorpion Fish, Stone Fish, Frog Fish and lots of Trevallies.


Paje Beach & Blue Lagoon  Tour in Zanzibar

Paje is a small village located on the southeast coast between the villages of Bwejuu and Jambiani. Paje Beach is the top site used to learn kiteboarding, since a very consistent side-onshore wind is blowing most of the year, the lagoon is shallow during low tide and has a sandy bottom, and the reef protects the lagoon from waves. The Blue Lagoon is just Off Michamvi Peninsula, 10 km from Paje.

It’s snorkeling trip is tide dependent, so always necessary to check for high and low tide, low tide is usually better for sight and with calm water which makes it better underwater visibility of corals and fish as well as for swimming itself. The turquoise blue waters invite any aqua-fanatics for some lovely exploration of tropical fishes and reefs! Mingle with tropical fish, there is abundance of tropical colorful little fish: parrot fish, Lion fish, Zebra fish, Triggerfish, Goat fish, Cornet fish, Eel, Squirrel fish, Surgeon fish, Blue sea chub, Yellow Boxfish, Butterfly fish and many more.


Safari Blue

Leaving from Fumba, which is in the South East and still a very untouched and remote area in Zanzibar, guests will head on a trip in a traditional wooden dhow towards one of the three snorkeling stops to enjoy the unique underwater world of Zanzibar. On the way they will hopefully meet dolphins playing around in the shallow Marine Park of Menai Bay and depending on the tides they’ll swim at a very special island full of mangroves. On the secluded uninhabited island Kwale, they’ll enjoy a delicious lunch.


Jozani Forest Reserve Guided Tour

This guided tour will take you to Jozani natural forest; the smaller trees and shrubs make several sub-canopies under the highest canopy. You will walk through the nature trail of the forest, which is a habitat for many species of animals, and birds. It is famous for its Red Colobus Monkey, the rare specie.

The Zanzibar RED COLOBUS has been isolated from its mainland counterparts for at least ten to fifteen thousand years, thus producing distinct sub-species with different calls, eating habits and coat patterns. Jozani Forest has become the last stronghold in the world for this particular type of colobus.

Jozani Forest

Mnemba island snorkeling tour

This  trip Depart from your hotel depending on the sea tide, this tour takes you to the north of the island to the smallest beautiful island surrounded by beautiful and amazing corals reef where you will get chance to snorkeling and swimming with colorful fishes and play with them. The trips cost, soft drinks, fresh fruits, snorkeling equipment and snacks are included.


Zanzibar Dolphin Tour

Dolphin safari offers you the experience of a lifetime, a chance to see the dolphins and even swim with them, if the environment allows. The seashore of the fishing village Kizimkazi is the home of several pods of humpback and bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins are officially protected by the 420 km2 Menai Bay Conservation Area, which was set up in 1997 to stop the rapid depletion of fish stocks.

We are happy to re-launch the Zanzibar dolphin tour after finding a way to operate it ethically. The boat captains are specially trained to operate sustainable and respectfully towards the dolphins. Since we cannot guarantee that you meet the dolphins (no-one can), we make sure you enjoy your day by including a picnic the Invisible Island and snorkeling in the nearby coral reefs

dol zanz
dol zanz4

Zanzibar Dolphin Tour

Spices from Zanzibar are famous around the world and a holiday to Zanzibar would be incomplete without a visit to the spice plantations. The spice tours are actually quite informative and good value. Spice tour is probably the best way of seeing the countryside and meeting members of rural communities.

Any authorized guide or tour company can arrange a spice tour for you. The geographical nature of the island makes the spice tour to be organized in many villages both in Unguja and Pemba. However, the very popular village for spice tour is Kijichi or Kizimbani, approximately 5 kilometers from Stone town.